What does it take to earn the PTC ‘Certificate of International School Leadership?
The PTC's Certificate of International School Leadership is earned by completing four “essential skills” courses – one from each of the following four categories (courses may be taken in any order, although Creating and Administering an Effective School is a broad overview course:

Category 1 - Take one of:

    Creating and Administering an Effective School
    Leadership and Team Dynamics

Category 2 - Take one of:

    Instructional Supervision and Evaluation

Category 3 - Take one of:

    Assessment Leadership in the International School
    Curriculum Leadership in the International School

Category 4 - Take one of:

    Finance in the International School
    Law in the International School
    Technology Leadership
    The Effective Principal: From Theory to Practice
    Leading Beyond Conflict (1/2 course)
    Managing Risk and Security in the International School  (1/2 course)
    Or any PTC course from category 1, 2 or 3

All courses utilize simulations, case studies and other practical training strategies.
PTC Courses now hold a limit of six (6) years before they would need to be re-taken towards completing a PTC certificate.

Are there any requirements to be able to take the courses?
PTC requires that all those who take the courses are currently working as a professional in an international school, or have been appointed to a position in an international school in the upcoming year.  You do NOT need to be a principal, or in any leadership role, to takes courses.

How many PTC courses can I take in one summer?
PTC recommends not more than two courses per summer. Courses are intense and last over a period of seven days.

What does it mean if I am placed on a waitlist?
All PTC courses have a capacity limit.  If courses reach capacity before the registration deadline and close, you will be placed on a waitlist.  Space only becomes available if a person who is currently enrolled in the course needs to withdraw.  In this case, we move to fill the spot from people who are on the waitlist.   Names are placed on the waitlist first come/first served by date of receiving registrations.  PTC members receive priority over non-members. No guarantee of space is given for people on the waitlist.

How long will it take to complete the requirements for the PTC’s 'Certificate of International School Leadership'?
Two summers is the minimum to complete four courses, taking two courses per summer.  Some opt to spread it out longer, taking one course per summer.  PTC courses now hold a limit of six (6) years before they would need to be re-taken towards completing a PTC certificate.

Is the PTC certificate equivalent to certification from other places?
The PTC certificate is recognition of preparation to be a principal in the international school setting.  Each international school is independent and has its own policies on teacher and leader certification. We suggest you check with your school or any prospective school to understand its certification requirements.  The PTC certificate has been in existence since 1990 and has proven to have excellent currency amongst international school heads who hire principals.

Will the PTC certificate guarantee me a job as a principal in an international school?
No.  But we can confirm that it has been a significant factor for many since 1990 in securing both their first principalship and subsequent positions.

What if a school requires principal certification from another source?
Many countries do not have an official process by which certification can be achieved. For citizens of many countries, international schools who require certified principals often recognize the PTC’s Certificate of International School Leadership.

US Principal certification is only possible for U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Each U.S. State has its own requirements and they should be contacted directly.

Additionally, Canada also has its own principal certification process.  Consult the education authority in each province. The PTC is working out an arrangement with one or more Canadian entities so that Canadians taking PTC courses can be eligible for “credit’ towards whatever certification process they select in Canada.  More information will be posted when this arrangement is completed.

Can I apply PTC courses to a university degree?
Every PTC course can optionally be taken for 3 graduate credits (as they are known in the US).  Courses taken for credit may stand alone or be applied towards a master degree. Currently, two universities in the U.S. and one in the U.K. accept PTC courses towards credit with their own Masters programs.  Click here for details about each university and their requirements.

Onsite during the PTC courses, representatives from the universities will be available for discussion about your degree program.  Once your have made a decision to apply your PTC courses for credit, you can apply and pay online at the PTC web site.  This application, accompanied the college credit payment ($450 per PTC course) must be submitted before the end of the course dates.

PTC participants who apply their course(s) for credit will be required to complete an additional assignment for a course grade.  This assignment will be submitted at the completion of the PTC course. The PTC office will submit a grade on the participant’s behalf to the appropriate university before September 1 and will inform the participant of the grade sent.  Participants who require a copy of transcripts will need to request this directly with the university after September.

How do I know if my school is a current PTC member?
Click here for an updated list of PTC member schools.

Where can I find the course fees?
Click here for course fees and other registration information. All course fees “per course”.  There are options for courses with or without sleeping accommodation.  Fees which include sleeping accommodation provide six nights rooming with six breakfasts.

When does the schedule of courses become available?
PTC posts the schedule by 1 November for the following year’s summer institutes.

Do you offer courses online? 

Not currently. The PTC held one online TTC course in 2014 and is looking into whether to continue to offer other online courses. Preference is given to onsite courses due to our enhanced onsite learning experience along with reflection and networking to form new relationships between colleagues in the international teaching arena.

Do you offer any tuition discounts for the courses?

The PTC offers a unique discount to faculty of schools who are members of the Principals Training Center (PTC).  The most updated list of PTC member schools can be found at here