PTC School Membership

Why Join? Member School Benefits

‘Being from a member school, I jumped to the top of the course waiting list…and got in!’ - PTC Rome institute participant

  • Priority registration for all programs and priority placement on waitlists

  • A 10% reduction in course fees and in consulting fees

  • Enrollment of principals, assistant principals and curriculum director in PTCnet, our private email forum, putting them in touch with over 1500+ colleagues (see: PTCnet Protocol)

  • NEW THIS YEAR! Enrollment of all governance members in GovernanceNet, our private email forum connecting hundreds of international school board members and owners (see: GovernanceNet Protocol)

  • Enrollment of admissions personnel in AdmissionsNet, our private email forum, putting them in touch with colleagues around the world (see: AdmissionsNet Protocol)

  • Enrollment of counselors in CTCnet, our private email forum (see: CTCnet Protocol)

  • Regular mention as a PTC sponsor on our website

  • Direct link from the PTC website member listing to your school’s homepage

  • Complimentary listings for principal or assistant principal vacancies on the PTC website (provided the listing also appears in TIE). Contact to place a listing.

What is the cost?

One-year Membership Two-year Membership
School with enrollment under 500 US$500 US$1000
School with enrollment of 500-999 US$700 US$1400
School with enrollment of 1000+ US$900 US$1800

How long is the membership in effect?

The membership runs from 1 September to 31 August of the following year.

How does a school become a member?

Simply click here, complete the school information and names and emails for each of the NETS, and select payment option