CTC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of the CTC Certificate internationally?

The CTC Certificate has been in existence since 2012. Feedback from participants and from international administrators confirms its’ value as practical, research-based learning for aspiring or practicing counsellors. Many international schools support participants so that they are able to attend these courses.

Will my CTC Certificate be accepted by international schools as the training needed for international school counselors or do I need a Masters in Counseling?

Every international school and every country has a different set of requirements for both teachers and counselors. For counselors, some require a degree specifically in counseling while others require a Masters or beyond. All international schools recognize the CTC Certificate as an enhancement to practice for all current or aspiring counselors.   

Is the certificate recognized as a counseling certification for a state in the US?

No. US counseling certification is granted by each state and all states have different requirements. You will need to contact that state directly to inquire about the procedure to apply for U.S. counseling certification. With the exception of Virginia, you must be a US citizen.                  

What are the benefits of a CTC certificate? How do I get the certificate? How long will it take?
Participants who successfully complete four (4) courses  will receive the CTC Certificate of International School Counseling. The certificate will be a recognition of engagement in training designed particularly for counselors working in the international school setting. Taking 2 courses per summer, the CTC's Certificate program can be completed in as early as 2 summers. 

Can I earn a CTC Certificate in one summer?

Though it is physically possible to complete all four courses and earn the CTC Certificate in one summer, we do not recommend it, and participants will need special permission to do so. Courses are intense, and the learning and networking is most powerful when participants have time to implement changes after each course. We recommend a maximum of two courses per summer. Please contact Sue Easton, the Director of the Teacher and Counselor Training Centers at kmacconnell@theptc.org for further information.

How do I earn the CTC Certificate if I am an elementary counselor and do not want/ need the CTC University Counseling course?

To earn the CTC Certificate, participants need to take four CTC courses. Though we recommend that all counselors understand a K-12 perspective of international school counseling, each year, we try to offer a TTC course suitable for counselors that can be taken as part of the CTC Certificate, to address this situation and participant needs. For further information, check the summer schedule for courses designated TTC/ CTC at theptc.org/course-schedule or contact Kristen MacConnell, the Director of the Teacher and Counselor Training Center at kmacconnell@theptc.org

Are CTC courses for counselors only? Can teachers participate as well?
Yes, our courses are open to counselors and teachers. Depending on your needs, please check the PTC course descriptions, TTC course descriptions and the CTC course descriptions.

I’m a teacher and have a degree in something other than teaching. Can I still get my certificate of international counseling with the CTC?
Yes, if you complete three courses with the CTC, you will be awarded the CTC's Certificate of International School Teaching.

What type of background or degree is required to attend CTC courses? Do you accept people with degrees and work in fields other that education?
The CTC is dedicated to professional development for those currently counseling or are about to counsel or teach in international schools.  All CTC courses are oriented to the international setting and you would need to feel comfortable with that orientation in each course.

I teach in the US public school system (or I’m retired from the US public school system). I am interested in teaching abroad. Do I qualify for one of your courses?
Our CTC course are geared towards those who are already working in international schools or who are about to enter their first job in one.  Occasionally we have had a counselor from the US or some other country who has only worked in their own national system.  So, yes, you could potentially come, although we do give priority to our member schools as well as those already in an international setting.

Can I take CTC courses for graduate credit?

We currently work with SUNY Buffalo to offer graduate credits to participants who are either enrolled in their Masters of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies in American-International Schools program or accepted as part of the non-degree seeking credit program. Please check for admissions requirements. Five-day CTC courses are worth three credit and two-day are worth one credit. Fee information is included on our site. Participants must be accepted into the SUNY Buffalo program BEFORE attending a CTC course.

Do you offer courses online?  
The CTC does not offer online courses due to our enhanced onsite learning experience along with reflection and networking to form new relationships between colleagues in the international school arena.

Do you offer any tuition discounts for the courses?
The CTC offers a unique discount to faculty of schools who are members of the Principals Training Center (PTC).  Contact your school to inquire on their membership status, or click here to see if you're school is a PTC member.