Curriculum Leadership in the International School - PTC 302

Facilitators: Pip Curtis and Treena Casey
Rome June 22-28 2020

Facilitators: Sasha Marshall and Matt Parr
Rome June 30 - July 6 2020

Facilitators: Glen Karlsson and Gordon Eldridge
Miami July 8-14 2020

Hear what our participants have to say about the course: Janine Segall; Mark McGowan

A school is most clearly defined by its curriculum - what students learn, how they will learn and how we will know whether they have learned. In the international school, where teachers, students and parents are in constant transition, clear, coherent curriculum is even more essential. The leadership team in an international school bears full responsibility for ensuring it is in place and effective. This course will equip participants to lead a full curriculum process, including development, implementation and monitoring.

Participants will learn and practice:

  • How current research about teaching and learning should influence international school curriculum design

  • Defining what students should learn, who should determine this and how we can ensure the ‘right’ learning intentions

  • Alignment of intended learning, instructional and assessment practices

  • Processes for getting curriculum written in your school

  • The structures and systems available for getting curriculum implemented

  • Effective curriculum monitoring processes

  • Essential leadership strategies impacting the entire process of developing, implementing and monitoring curriculum

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

Web and print resources for this course.