Leadership and Team Dynamics - PTC 102

Facilitators: Tim Stuart and Dan Smith
Miami June 22-28 2020

Facilitators: Steve Druggan and Erin Robinson
Miami June 30- July 6 2020

Facilitators: Lee Fertig and Jamie Otis
Rome July 8-14 2020

Hear what our participants have to say about the course: Mihoko Chida

A school cannot be effective without strong leaders. This course offers participants the opportunity to explore the essential leadership skills and team processes required for the international school.

Participants will learn and practice:

  • Essential elements of situational leadership and other prominent leadership models

  • Crisis management in the international school

  • Effective means of staff motivation

  • Skills to build effective teams in your school

  • Effective decision-making skills and how to best used them to affect change in your school

  • Principles and practices of group dynamics for all types of school teams

  • Skills of effective communication and how they influence effective leadership

  • How to lead change and improvement processes, including conflict management

  • How to assess their own leadership strengths, weaknesses and approaches

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

Web and print resources for this course.