Creating an Effective School - PTC 101

Facilitators: Simon Gillespie and Lee Fertig
Rome June 30- July 6 2020

Facilitators: Barry Déquanne and Ji DeGiorgi-Han
Miami July 8-14 2020

Facilitators: Sue Easton and James Dalziel
Rome July 16-22 2020

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The international school has unique characteristics which compel its leaders to have a sharpened view of the big picture and skill set to match. This course offers the knowledge and skills for international school leaders to articulate a vision and design and implement a plan for an effective school that is focused on student learning. It addresses the ‘big picture’ of what international schools are and how leaders can optimize conditions to maximize learning through focusing on results.

Participants will:

  • Identify the elements of an effective school that is focused on learning and constantly improving

  • Develop strategies for bridging from mission, vision and learning principles to day-to-day efforts and decisions

  • Demonstrate the importance of a systematic process for the collection, analysis and use of data for school improvements

  • Analyze how schools can be best organized to support learning in areas of teacher configurations and leaderships roles, student groupings patterns, and learning sequences and timing

  • Apply an understanding of systematic change models to one's school and determine leverage points

  • Develop skills in human resource allocation for recruiting, hiring and developing quality staff and in building relationships and incorporating parents into the school culture

  • Develop strategies for creating an effective professional development program

  • Deepen understanding about the role of culture and determine leadership activities to build and maintain a strong culture

  • Develop a school improvement goal and action plan for student learning gains and increased school effectiveness

  • In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

Web and print resources for this course.