Facilitator: Kristen MacConnell

Course: TTC - Problem, Project and Design-Based Teaching

Email: kristenmacconnell@gmail.com

Kristen MacConnell is the Professional Development Director at Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile. She is also the Editor and Founder of Globally Informed, an online peer reviewed journal for international educators. She has a diverse educational background that includes school counseling, school psychology, instructional coaching, university teaching, and school leadership. Kristen spent 8 years as an educator in the US before moving overseas in 2010. She worked for four years at Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile as a School Counselor and as a literacy specialist. Kristen also worked as a field researcher in Latin America for International School Consultancy. Kristen is passionate about empowering children to be curious, solve authentic problems, and learn deeply about the world in which they live. She also loves collaborating with colleagues about teaching practices and engaging in meaningful learning experiences. Currently, Kristen consults with international schools about literacy practices, project-based learning, and improvement science. Kristen holds advanced degrees in School Leadership (M.Ed.) from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, Special Education (Ph.D.) from the University of Oregon, and School Psychology (M.S.) also from the University of Oregon.