Facilitator: John Mikton

Course: PTC - Technology Leadership
Location: Miami
Date: 11-17 July 2019

Contact: jmikton@gmail.com
Video Introduction to the Course

John Mikton is the Head of Education and Media Technology at the International School of Luxembourg. John was Director of eLearning at the Inter Community School Zurich, Switzerland and Director of Information Technology at the International School of Prague, Czech Republic.  John has worked in International Schools Africa and Asia prior to working in Europe. John is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Education Trainer. He is a trainer and summit speaker with Appsevents. John has 25 years experience working in Education Technology in International Schools and 14 years as a Senior Leadership team member. Prior to being in education, he worked in Print and Television Media Sales. John writes the following blogs @ https://beyonddigital.org and https://digitallife.live/.