Technology Leadership - PTC 404

Video Introduction to the Course

We live in a world where accelerated change has become the norm. We have a data driven world and information is growing exponentially. The internet has become a utility which is essential for economic prosperity. Our privacy online has shifted to an open public environment, and the digital tools we interactwith and live by are embedded into our lives 24/7. We are dependent on sophisticated algorithms, smart software, digital devices and environments for both our professional and social lives. The digital world is a seamless part of our daily lives. The challenges and opportunities schools face with this digital narrative are complex and full of possibilities.

Schools rely on the leadership to efficiently explore and harness the power of technology to maximize learning, improve teacher effectiveness, and reinvent school-wide systems.

Through online and offline activities, multimedia projects, and current case study exemplars of digital environments and ecosystems in International School education settings, participants will explore and practice:

  • How can an international school principal best harness digital environments/ecosystems to improve student learning?

  • What is the role of Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy in schools ? How should it impact the curriculum?

  • How has the seamlessness of digital devices and environments changed the way in which students study, learn, collaborate, and communicate; and what are the implications on instructional programs?

  • How do principals effectively manage change in a digital age?

  • What are the key leadership strategies for implementing an ongoing and sustainable strategic technology plan?

  • How can digital tools and environments be utilized to create sustainable and vibrant learning communities?

  • How can digital tools and environments be employed for effective data-based decision making?

  • What skills and learning strategies do teachers require in order to maximize an understanding and ability to leverage digital devices and environments to support authentic learning?

  • How does a principal juggle the demands of digital communication, social media and digital environments in a school setting?

Participants are required to bring a laptop computer or tablet (important if you bring a tablet and not a laptop be mindful you will need to work in the Google Drive environment throughout the course with Google Docs, presentation and forms, make sure to have this app installed and functioning prior to coming to the courses) with wireless internet capability to this course. Please ensure you have the proper power adapters.

Web and print resources for this course.