TTC International EAL Certificate

*At the PTC, we recognize the need for Pre-K through Grade Twelve teachers in international schools to have skills, knowledge and understanding to meet the needs of English learners in their classrooms. This certificate program, created by Dr. Virginia Rojas, in partnership with the Teacher Training Center, provides an opportunity for our international community of mainstream classroom teachers, EAL specialists, and school leaders to learn or update their knowledge and skills on language-in-education policies, programs and instructional practices in the international school setting.

The Teacher Training Center offers teachers the opportunity to earn an 'International English as an Additional Language (EAL) Certificate'. This certificate is an acknowledgement that the recipient has been trained to provide responsive learning conditions and instructional strategies for English learners in an international school.

How can I earn the certificate?

The Certificate of International English as an Additional Language (EAL) is earned by completing three essential courses:

  • Two online courses during the academic school year

  • One summer onsite course during the summer TTC course offerings

*Participants may join the International EAL certification program at any time as the courses are not in chronological order. To earn the EAL certificate, all three courses must be completed within five years.

 *It is possible to complete the TTC International EAL Certificate in one school year!

Online Courses

Curriculum and Assessment for English Learners

Wondering how EAL teachers and classroom teachers can collaboratively share responsibility to construct learning environments facilitating English learners’ academic language acquisition and content-area achievement simultaneously?

This ten-week course shows how English learners can access grade-level standards, engage with content, and express what they know and can do alongside their peers in mainstream classrooms. Participants plan a culminating unit of instruction using a content and language integrated learning (CLIL) approach.

English Language, Linguistics, and Learning

Facing a changing student demography where multilingual, English learners are now the majority of students enrolled in international schools?

This ten-week online course focuses on the study of language and applied linguistics and how they influence instructional practices in international-school settings. Participants plan a culminating action-research project to present at a simulated, online symposium on the teaching and learning of English learners in international school settings.

Onsite Course

Teaching EAL in the Mainstream

Are you looking for current, research-based theories of and best-practice practices for teaching English learners in mainstream courses?

This five-day course shifts the conversation of “every teacher is an EAL teacher” into classroom practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the trainer?

Dr. Virginia P. Rojas, a well-known EAL consultant to international schools for over twenty-five years and who has recently retired from school-based site visits, is the architect of the course content and the primary trainer. Additional trainers are selected by Dr. Rojas and the TTC collaboratively.

How often are these courses offered?

Each course is offered once every calendar year. You may take courses in any order, though the onsite courses is considered foundational.

How many hours per week will the online courses require?

Typically the online course load requires 3-5 hours of work per week.

Can I use these courses towards the TTC Certificate of International or Advanced International Teaching?

The onsite course, Teaching EAL in the Mainstream, may be used towards either TTC certificate. The online courses can only be used for the EAL Certificate.

Is there a time limit in which to complete the three courses required to receive the EAL Certificate?

All three courses must be completed within five years to satisfy the criteria for the certificate. You may take courses in any order during that time.

Can I earn college / university credit for these courses?

University Credit or Certification Application may be obtained through SUNY (Buffalo, NY) with application and acceptance into the university and an additional fee for each course.

Can I use these courses for certification in my own country?

A university transcript is essential if a candidate wishes to use any of the courses for certification application in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia or New Zealand. The three courses have been aligned to the requirements of TESOL, Ontario, CELTA (UK), and ACTA (Australia and New Zealand) teacher standards.

What happens if I miss an assignment?

Contact Dr. Rojas directly at

What technology is necessary to take the online courses?

The platform is web-based, so a reliable internet connection is necessary.

What online platform will be used in the online courses?

All TTC courses use Schoology as their online platform. Assignments, discussions, resources, and the course syllabus will be found on Schoology. Participants will receive an email with an access code before the course begins with instructions about how to join the course online and how to navigate the system. The course material and networking ability will be available during and after course completion.

How much will the complete certificate cost?

For courses taken in 2019, complete costs can be found here.