English Language, Linguistics, and Learning - EAL 103

Location: Online
Facilitator: Dr. Gini Rojas

October 6 - December 14, 2019

This is a ten-week online course offered once an academic year. The course examines those aspects of language that are relevant to language acquisition and learning through the lens of various subfields of linguistics (as well as the reverse). The course investigates the study of language in teaching and learning, the nature of linguistic systems and their role in learning, and what kinds of knowledge about language influence daily instructional practices.

Participants apply concepts, theories, research, and practices of language, culture and academic literacy to construct learning environments facilitating English learners' language and literacy development and content-area achievement. Participants plan a culminating action research project to present at a simulated, online symposium on the teaching and learning of English learners in international-school settings. The project demonstrates knowledge of history, research, and current practice in the field of EAL teaching and application of this knowledge to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.