Mental Health and Well-being in International Schools: A Primer for School Counselors (CTC 108)

Sean McElroy and Kristen MacConnell
Rome 25-29 June 2020

With record rates of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, International school counselors have found themselves on the front, but forgotten, line in what is being hailed a mental health crisis in schools around the world. We will explore how to move from a crisis intervention into a true prevention model. We will discuss the role school counselors should play in promoting positive mental health in their community.  We will outline the best practices in intervening in mental health issues and understand some of the leading resources to support our work. Through a series of case studies, collaborative learning strategies, and interactive simulations, participants will:

  • Audit their communities mental wellbeing resources

  • Understand the prevalence of mental health issues in young people today

  • Explore methods for assessing wellbeing and ways to measure and track it

  • Identify key interventions for most common mental health issues

  • Develop skills to help faculty better understand trauma 

  • Design a tiered intervention process for a mental health issue

  • Utilize self-care skills to combat compassion fatigue