Teacher Leaders: Empowering Students through Assessment (TLI 104)

Research suggests that effective assessment practices can dramatically improve student learning. Assessment tools are most powerful when in the hands of master teachers who understand their potential to democratize the classroom, put students in the driver's seat and truly empower students as agents of their own learning. This course will help teacher leaders hone skills in developing, implementing, and monitoring assessments in their own practice and when leading their team.

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Evaluate classroom assessments, common assessments and rubrics that exhibit characteristics of effective design

  • Develop practical methods of grading which support rather than inhibit learning and discuss how to lead these conversations with your peers

  • Share the latest research on teaching and learning in their subject/grade level.

  • Lead and advise others on the process of aligning assessments with intended learnings from the curriculum.

  • Lead and advise others on the process of analyzing learning results, including classroom and common assessments and making decisions about what to do with the data, including how to modify the curriculum.

  • Lead the process of designing common assessments across their department and/or grade level team.

  • Lead the process of adopting and using protocols for regularly looking at student work within their department and/or grade level

This course is suitable for practicing or aspiring grade level leaders, coordinators, coaches and/or department heads.