Leadership Tools for International Teacher Leaders (TLI 101)

Important note: Courses with the same title are the same content. The 5-day course is a deeper unpacking of the material.  To complete your certificate, do not take any two courses with the same title, regardless of the course length.

International schools worldwide have adopted an organizational model which often includes grade level team leaders and heads of department. These leaders are critical to student learning and continuous improvement, yet we often fail to provide specific, practical training for the job to be well done. This course, the first of its kind in the international setting, is designed to help Department Heads and Team Leaders understand both the complexity and importance of their roles and provide them with essential tools for effective leadership, including:

  • Exploring practices that provoke learning and build ownership on teams, departments, and committees

  • Recognizing the stages of change and using strategies to support teams in the change process

  • Internalizing characteristics and stages of development of effective teams

  • Taking a deep look at an appropriate job description and substantiating the rationale for these positions

  • Adapting tools for developing, implementing and monitoring curriculum at the department or grade level

  • Becoming a 'leader of learning'

  • Practicing specific leadership strategies and models for focusing the work of a department or grade level team on student learning

  • Assessing one's own leadership style

  • Communicating with team members and other school educators

  • Developing teacher leadership skills and strategies to support teams and individuals

This course is suitable for both practicing and aspiring grade level leaders and/or department heads.