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Facilitator: Jeff Steuernagel

Course: CTC - Counseling Across Cultures in the International School
Location: Miami
Date: 13-17 July 2020


Jeff Steuernagel has 14 years’ experience as a school counselor. For 12 years, he served in international schools in South Korea, Hong Kong and Switzerland. He is now a school counselor in the Minneapolis area. He earned his doctorate degree in International Education Administration from the University of Minnesota. His thesis work explored the Factors that Contribute to the Intercultural Sensitivity of School Counselors in International Schools. Jeff has presented professional development sessions at EARCOS, ECIS, CIS and ASCA.

His leadership experience includes:

  • Collaborated to design a developmental guidance curriculum following the ASCA/International Model standards; including designing yearly seminars that deliver transitions, emotional intelligence, career exploration, and college planning curriculum.

  • Extensive work with school counselors to articulate developmental guidance programming based on the ASCA National Model including: The writing of school counseling program philosophy and mission statements, cross-walking the ASCA standards of the guidance curriculum, aligning the ASCA Standards and school-wide learning results, and data practices such as time and task analysis.

  • Serving as co-department head in South Korea, representative to the heads of department in Hong Kong, curriculum area leader in Zurich and department leader at his current school.