Facilitator: John Sperandio

Contact: john.sperandio@gmail.com

John Sperandio is the founding Director of Stonehill International School.  He has more than thirty years experience as an IB teacher, a physicist/engineer, a school business manager and as a director of international schools. He joined the U.S. Peace Corps school. and served as a teacher in an Ed. project in Uganda. Followed by ten years of teaching math, physics and accounting in Kuwait, Malta and Tanzania.  His first administrative experience came in Malta, helping establish the parent foundation and governing body of the Verdala School. In Tanzania he followed as the School Business Manager for IS Tanganyika. John later returned to the USA as an engineer and scientist for Dames and Moore to model severe accidents in nuclear power stations and developed a multi-user computer interface, SAGE, for Gabor, Kenton and Associates to train power station operators in severe accident management. He returned to international schools as a financial consultant and was appointed Director of Support Services at Escuela Campo Alegre. In 1998, John was appointed the Director of the IS Azerbaijan, and in 2003, atIS Dhaka. In January 2008, having added two new countries to the IB World map, John accepted a commission from the Embassy Group to develop the first accredited, IB World School in Bangalore to offer all three programmes of the IB.