PTC Graduate Credit

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US style university graduate credit is available for many PTC courses through both Lehigh University and The College of New Jersey.

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey offers a Master of Education degree (36 Cr.) and Post-Master’s Certificate (30 Cr.) in Educational Administration. Up to four of the required courses (12 credits total) can be taken through the PTC.  Candidates who hold Master’s degrees can then earn the Post-Master’s Certificate by completing Internship I, II, and III during the academic year at their school, and four summer classes in Palma de Mallorca, Spain or Bangkok, Thailand.  All graduates receive a TCNJ Certificate in Educational Administration.  U.S. Citizens are also eligible for State of New Jersey Principal Certification.

For more information, please contact:  Dr. Stuart Carroll, Global Graduate Programs, The College of New Jersey, School of Education #301E, P.O. Box 7718, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718 USA; tel +1-609-771-2221; email; website:

CLICK HERE to print a full detailed description of the TCNJ Programs in Educational Administration.

PTC Courses and their Approved TCNJ Equivalents

PTC Course TCNJ Equivalent Transfer to Master's
(Maximum 4)
Transfer to Post-Master's
(Maximum 4)
Assessment Leadership in the International School EDAD 597 - Elective x
*Creating an Effective School EDAD 525 - Introduction to Education Administration x x
*Curriculum Leadership in the International School CURR 514 - Curriculum x x
Finance in the International School EDAD 540 - School Finance x x
*Instructional Supervision and Evaluation SUPV 520 - Staff Supervision x x
Law in the International School EDAD 572 - School Law x x
Leadership and Team Dynamics EDAD 530 - Group Dynamics x x
Technology Leadership EDAD 660 - Computer Applications x x

*These courses are the pre-requisites for starting EDAD 691 – Internship I.

To earn TCNJ graduate credit for PTC courses:

  1. Submit the registration online and fee online or to your PTC Coordinator (in person only);

  2. Submit the additional assignment to your PTC Instructor (as instructed);

  3. It is NOT necessary to submit TCNJ's application and fee to bank credit

Post Master’s Certificate Program in Educational Leadership (TCNJ)

The TCNJ post-master's certificate program in Educational Leadership is an intensive graduate program leading to eligibility for New Jersey Principal Certification (or the equivalent for non-U.S. citizens). Students are now invited to apply to The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and enroll in summer PTC or TCNJ courses. PTC participants may bank credit and receive a transcript from TCNJ prior to matriculation in a TCNJ program of study.

Students may transfer up to 12 credits from the PTC to this program (in previously approved areas).

Visit TCNJ at for more information on the program and admission requirements.

Lehigh University

Lehigh University, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, offers graduate credit for PTC courses. To better meet the needs of international school educators and administrators, three courses from the PTC can be used for a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.

For more information, contact Lehigh University, College of Education, Global Distance Office, Iacocca Hall, 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015-4794 USA; tel +1-610-758-5737; email

For further support contact: Andrea Deimel,, Coordinator, Global Distance Office
For information click this link:

PTC Courses and their Approved Lehigh Equivalents

PTC Course Lehigh Equivalent
Assessment Leadership in the International School EDL 470 - Curriculum Changes and Effective Teaching
Creating an Effective Schhool EDL 420 - Data Based Decision Making
Curriculum Leadership in the International School EDL 421 - Instructional Leadership
Finance in the International School Course credit not available
Instructional Supervision and Evaluation EDL 467 - Supervision and Professional Development
Law in the International School EDL 479 - School and Law Ethics
Leadership and Team Dynamics EDL 424 - Leadership: Self and Groups
Technology Leadership Course credit not available

Above courses are subject to change

Three PTC courses may be transferred (not banked) towards a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. Approval of transfer credit must be given by the College of Education and the Lehigh Registrar.

To transfer PTC credits to Lehigh University’s Master’s Degree Program:

  • Apply for admission to Lehigh University’s College of Education M.Ed. program

  • Be accepted AND enroll in M.Ed. courses within four years of completing your first PTC course

  • Request PTC Certificate of Completion

  • Complete request for Graduate Credit Transfer Petition

  • In order to obtain a Lehigh transcript you have to be accepted, enrolled and have successfully completed an Educational Leadership course at Lehigh.

  • Download complete requirement on graduate credit through PTC courses here.

Lehigh University’s Global Distance Office offers a hybrid model of education which includes courses taught online in fall and spring semesters and face-to-face in the summer. A minimum of two summer residencies at the Lehigh site are required for all candidates in the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program.

If you have any questions on the above Lehigh's graduate credit courses, please contact The Office of Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training at:

The University of Bath

The University of Bath in England has Masters and Doctoral programs designed for educators in international schools. PTC participants are given the opportunity with University of Bath to build on their PTC experience and complete a further assignment with a view to earning credit towards a Bath MA degree (with an additional fee). This opportunity is given on an individual basis through Bath.

To pursue this option, contact Mary Hayden, Centre for the Study of Education in an International Context, Department of Education, University of Bath BA27AY, UK; tel +44-1225-386347+44-1225-386347; fax 44-1225-386113; email


PTC fees are $450 per 3-credit course toward Lehigh or TCNJ credit and are payable upon signing up for course credit onsite during the PTC Institutes