Finance in the International School - PTC 403

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The content and skills of the course have been modified to better address a wider range of needs, beyond the practicing and aspiring principal to include the overall head of school.   This opportunity for school principals to work along side other school leaders, practicing with the realities of the financial underpinnings and infrastructure, should provide a much improved dialogue and working relationship across leadership teams in international schools.

Keeping an international school true to its mission and financially viable is becoming increasingly challenging. This unique climate in which international schools operate demands an equally unique set of leadership skills. Through a series of case studies and common financial scenarios in international schools, this course will focus on practical skills and understandings including:

  • How to keep learning at the center of financial decisions

  • How to distinguish between board and administrative responsibilities with regard to finance

  • How to put in practices which ensure that financial decisions follow what is best for students

  • Basic accounting principles in the international arena

  • Best practices in budgeting, monitoring and control

  • Long range financial planning, with student learning as the centerpiece

  • Key financed-related personnel policies, including performance pay

  • Basic use of spreadsheets as a key tool

For principals, school heads, and other school leaders. Business managers, and others already proficient in finance and accounting are not likely to benefift from this course.

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

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