Instructional Supervision and Evaluation - PTC 201

Facilitators: Ron Lalonde and Jeff Matthews
Rome June 22-28 2020

Facilitators: Sarah Putnam and Jeff Matthews
Miami June 30- July 6 2020

Facilitator: Kelly Armitage
Miami July 16-22 2020

Hear what our participants have to say about the course: Lowell Thomson, Justyna McMillan

The research is clear.  The most influential factor on learning in the classroom is the quality of instruction. What is the role of the principal in ensuring that there is a quality teacher in every classroom, every day? This course addresses just that.  Participants will learn the skills related to the five facets of the supervision and evaluation of teaching and learning:  collecting evidence of effective teaching; interpreting the evidence; providing feedback; coaching based on reflection; evaluation/appraisal and accountability.  Specifically, through a series of practical strategies, including demonstration lessons, video, and role play, participants will explore and practice:

  • How to design and lead a supervision, evaluation and professional development process based on effective teacher standards and multiple sources of data

  • Identifying and communicating effective practices in planning, instruction, and assessment

  • How to ensure teachers take responsibility for professional growth and its impact on student learning

  • Strategies and practices that will foster reflective practice as a route to improved teaching and student learning

  • How to differentiate supervision, evaluation, and professional development process - one size does not fit all

  • Communication skills to give and receive effective feedback

  • How to use the school learning community as an on-going and on-site professional development program

  • How to incorporate student learning results as a data point in the supervision program

  • How best to approach the sensitive facets of evaluation/appraisal and their relationship to supervision

  • How to efficiently manage the supervision/evaluation/professional development processes

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

Web and print resources for this course.