Facilitator: Barbara Parker

Not teaching in 2017

Contact: b.parker618@yahoo.com

Barbara Parker is Regional Curriculum Consultant for the ISS Asia-Pacific Office based in Shekou-Shenzhen, China and was formerly Director, International School of Beihai. She has worked extensively in international schools in the Mediterranean region, in SE Asia, Pakistan and Africa for almost 30 years. Most of her career has been devoted to working with teachers to identify students who need more than the general curriculum is designed to offer, from those with learning challenges to those who are highly capable. She worked as Optimal Match Resource consultant in the MAIS region to develop systems for identifying needs, instructional strategies and monitoring progress of students. She has served as Academic Dean for The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth and worked as with students from kindergarten through high school in a variety of capacities: curriculum coordinator, elementary principal, high school electives teacher, middle school humanities teacher and self contained elementary classroom teacher.  She has shared the difficulty of determining the basis of a student’s learning needs:  language acquisition, cultural differences, or processing issues.