Facilitator: Mike Johnson

Contact: mjohnson@clearpathepm.com

Mike Johnson is the President of Clearpath Global, LLC, an internationally-focused risk mitigation firm (www.clearpathglobal.com).  Clearpath provides risk mitigation and emergency preparedness consulting services to international schools through its sister company, Clearpath EPM (www.clearpathepm.com).  Mike retired from the U.S. Government in 2010 as a senior law enforcement and security manager with 28 years of international and domestic experience.  He spent ten years of his career outside of the United States and worked with numerous international schools on risk mitigation strategies.  In addition to his work with international schools, Mike has experience in high-threat protective security operations and crisis management; complex international investigations; and security operations.  He is the lead Facilitator for risk mitigation, Child Protection, and emergency preparedness for the Principal’s Training Center for international school leaders, the Academy for International School Heads (AISH), and the Association for American Schools in South America (AASSA).  Mike is a Certified Protection Professional as awarded by the American Society for Industrial Security, the most recognized international security professional association.