Facilitator: Pat Handly-Johnson

Contact: pathandly20@me.com

Pat Handly-Johnson, as an independent educational consultant, has supported teachers and principals in more than 100 schools across five continents. Her areas of focus include school leadership, English literacy development for speakers of other languages, and, most recently, building caring school communities.  She currently supports Developmental Studies Center, a non-profit mission driven organization dedicated to promoting children’s academic, ethical and social development. Before consulting, Pat enjoyed positions in the United States as an elementary level teacher, school psychologist and a college level instructor in psychology.  As a principal Pat worked in three different international schools, The Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic, Saint John’s School in Puerto Rico and Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela.  Since 1991 Pat has been associated with the PTC, first as a participant, then site coordinator in Miami, co-trainer for several courses and for the last ten years, has thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the courses on Instructional Supervision and Evaluation.