Facilitator: Amy Gallie

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Contact: amygallie@gmail.com

Amy Gallie works as a coach and consultant to educational leaders. Previously she served for 7 years as the Head of the Upper School at the American School Foundation in Mexico City.  Prior to her position as Head, Amy was an Upper School teacher specializing in the instruction of: English, Theory of Knowledge, and Area Studies.  Amy’s interests lie at the crossroads of education and coaching. In 2015 Amy sought certification as an executive coach through Mediat Coaching. Additionally, in alignment with her personal philosophy of focusing on positive solutions, she become a certified facilitator of Appreciative Inquiry, and an Appreciative Inquiry Coach.  She currently works as the In-House Coach at the Colegio Hebreo Tarbut (Mexico City) working with faculty and members of the leadership team in order to develop and deliver an outstanding Advocacy Program. She works with several groups across the school, holding parent workshops, and running seminars for the school board volunteers. She is particularly interested in the areas of: Social Emotional Learning, conscious leadership, team-building, group coaching using Master Mind protocols, and the practice of not taking herself too seriously.  Amy holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from SUNY Buffalo and is a proud holder of the Essential Skills for Principals certification from the PTC.