Getting to Solutions: The Heart of Counseling - CTC 106

Robyn Harwood
Rome 1-5 July 2020

Hear what our participants have to say about the course! Andrea Morris, Nicola Unite

International schools are filled with kids and adults experiencing change of all types; and change comes with individual responses and needs. The ‘heart’ of school counseling involves the counselor working with students, families and teachers one to one to meet these individual needs. How can a counselor make the best use of that one-on-one time to maximize the possibility that it is a catalyst for getting to positive solutions for the individual?

Specifically, participants will learn:

  • How and when to use the six key questions of Solution Focused Counseling

  • How to identify and utilize a student’s strengths in navigating troubling times

  • How to utilize the role of empathy and relationships in a counseling setting

  • How to reframe problems in a way that provides the client with more options

  • When to refer a student and family for outside counseling

  • The role of the counselor in student support meetings (response to intervention)

With limited time and resources available, international school counselors need special intervention skills and approaches that allow them to utilize trusting relationships to help students find solutions to their problems.

The course will bring together best practices from various school-based intervention approaches and use research from positive psychology and related counseling fields to help emerging counselors become more effective in their one-to-one work. 

Join experienced and emerging counselors for a dynamic, interactive week as we get to the heart of school counseling.

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