Counseling Across Cultures in the International School - CTC 105

Jeff Steuernagel
Miami 13-17 July 2020

Many of us were drawn to international schools because of the rich cultural tapestry, yet soon discovered that this same mosaic creates unique challenges for counseling and counseling programs. Drawing on the latest research, this workshop aims to equip counselors with an understanding of culture general and culture specific techniques to bridge those cultural gaps. We will work on our "mindset" and skill set using current methods in intercultural development, positive psychology and brief therapy. 

Essential Questions we hope to address:

  • What role does cultural background play in the helping relationship?

  • How do our own cultural upbringings factor in the counseling process?

  • How can we develop intercultural competence?

  • How can we address intercultural competence explicitly into the counseling program and curriculum?

  • How can we successfully navigate cultural differences when counseling students and families?

  • How can we identify and build a positive and inclusive "school culture?"

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

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