Introduction to Essential Skills for International School Counselors - CTC 101

Steve Hisler and Steve Ayling
Miami 7-11 July 2020

Video Introduction to the Course

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To be a counselor in an international school requires some unique skills and sensitivities.  The counselor is often relied upon for so much more than a traditional program may have provided the training for.

This course explores these skills and sensitivities and provides a practical approach to running an effective counseling program for an international school community.  Through collaborative activities, simulations, and other active participation strategies, participants will explore and practice skills related to:

  • The role of the international school counselor: the ideal and the reality

  • 'Transitions': helping students, parents and teachers cope with change

  • 'Kid culture': identifying the culture in a school and effective programs that can either support or change the culture

  • Ethical dilemmas: discussing and exploring through case studies

  • Counselor as communicator: creating presentations and publications

  • Academic planning: including break out sessions for elementary and middle/high school counseling

Without a doubt, one of the greatest strengths of this course is the interaction between participants. A network of counselor resources is created, and participants connect within and far beyond the course, sharing strategies, programs, presentations, publications, resources and ideas.  By the end of the course, all participants will have examined their school's counseling program and will have developed a personalized plan for support and improvement.

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