Facilitator: Dustin Collins

Contact: dustin.collins82@gmail.com

Dustin Collins is Assistant Principal at the American School of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will serve as the Elementary and Middle School Principal starting next school year. Dustin has worked as a teacher in the USA, South Korea, Guatemala, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He served as the Mathematics and Language Curriculum Coordinator for the Early Childhood Learning Center in South Korea.  In addition to his leadership responsibilities, Dustin has been a classroom teacher for many years for kindergarten, grades 1, 4, 5, and 7.  Dustin holds a Certificate of International School Leadership and a Certificate of International Teacher Leadership from the Principals’ Training Center.  He graduated with a Masters Degree in International Education from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelors Degree in Education from Indiana University.  Dustin is committed to professional development and recently, has been actively involved in providing workshops regarding best practices in curriculum and assessment at the American School of Kinshasa.