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Empowering Students through Assessment

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6 Reasons to Try a Single-Point Rubric

Alberta Assessment Consortium


Assessment-Based Conferences

Assessment for Learning

Assessment Training Institute (ATI)

Association for Achievement & Improvement through Assessment

Association of American Colleges and Universities

BETSY: Bayesian Essay Test Scoring System

Big Ideas

British Columbia Ministry Of Education

Calling for a "Timeout" on Rubrics and Grading Scales

Carnegie Mellon University: Performance Criteria

The Case Against Zero

Center For Academic Integrity


CRESST: Nat'l Ctr for Research on Evaluation, Standards & Student Testing

Dylan Wiliam on Formative Assessment

Evaluating Speaking

Exemplars K-12 task examples

Grant Wiggin on Authentic Assessment

Kathy Shrock’s Guide For Educators

McREL Mid Continental Research for Education and Learning

Manitoba Ministry Of Education

Marzano on Assessment and Grading

Middleweb: Resources For The Middle School Teacher

Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools

National Council On Measurement In Education

New Horizons for Learning

Ontario Ministry Of Education

Practical Assessment Research & Evaluation

Program for International Student Assessment

Questar Assessment, Inc.

Questia Grades And Grading

Rick Wormeli on Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom

Stenhouse Publishers: Assessment & Grading in the Differentiated Classroom

Three Key Questions on Measuring Learning

Wikipedia-Assessment for Learning


Print Resources

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