Facilitator: Chris Bowman

Course: PTC - Leadership and Team Dynamics

Contact: chris@consult-bowman.com

Chris Bowman is a private educational consultant, having retired after serving for eight years as the Director of the International School of Luxembourg. He worked previously as the Associate Superintendent with Educational Overseas Services, Ltd. Prior to that, Chris was Director of the Bavarian International School, Copenhagen International School and Port Moresby International School. Chris comes originally from Australia where he served as a school administrator and as a District Superintendent of Education. He served for a number of years on the ECIS Board of Trustees, variously as trustee, vice-chairman and chairman. Chris is a graduate of the PTC Essential Skills Program and has worked as a trainer with the PTC since 1999. He is also a trainer with the Covey 7 Habits Program and the Conflict Resolution Network.