Facilitator: Steve Hisler

Course: CTC - Introduction to Essential Skills for International School Counselors
Location: London
Date: 20-24 June 2017

Contact: mrhisler@gmail.com
Video Introduction to the Course

Steve Hisler, an elementary school counselor, has partnered with students, parents and faculty at schools in Denmark, Japan, Kuwait and Iowa over the past 16 years.  Important aspects of Steve's work include: teaching classroom guidance lessons; facilitating parent education workshops; collaborating with classroom teachers to support student learning; consulting with parents, teachers, and school leaders; and meeting with students individually as well as in groups to support healthy academic, social and emotional growth.  Digital citizenship, Mindset, Social Thinking, Third Culture Kids, social relationships, and self-regulation skills are just a few school counseling related topics in which Steve is particularly interested.  Outside of school, Steve enjoys biking (with pedals, not throttles), running, cooking, reading, listening to music, and learning with other international school counselors!