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Assessment Leadership in the International School

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Curriculum Associates (Adaptive assessment)

CAE ( perfromancebased external assessment)

GL Education

International Schools' Assessment

Measures of Academic Progress

Questar Assessment Inc

Smarter Balance 



Assistments - online feedback system


John Hattie research on feedback (ask Bambi for full article)

What learning looks like

Will Thalheimer's research

Formative Assessment

Ideas and commentary 

Types and Explanation

White paper and very extensive annotated bibliography

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Assessment for Learning

Assessing 21st Century Skills


Brain Research and Assessment

Computer Adaptive and Personalized Learning

Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide


International Baccalaureate  - Recent Research

NSDC 'What a Difference a Word Makes'

OECD Report on Assessment Internationally

Pearson School Systems

Research on Classroom Assessment

Stenhouse Publishers: Assessment & Grading in the Differentiated Classroom

University of Minnesota: Center for Applied Research

The Center for Public Education: Key Lessons/Homework

George Lucas Foundation

Assessment Training Institute


CRESST: National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards & Student Testing

McREL Mid Continental Research for Education & Learning

Authentic Assessment in Mathematics

Assessment Resource Center

NWREL Assessment Models

The PH Factor: Sample Science Tasks

Practical AssessmentResearch & Evaluation

BETSY: Bayesian Essay Test Scoring System

New Horizons for Learning

Learn NC: K-12 Teaching University of North Carolina

Science Daily: Mind & Brain News

Assessment Matters!

Proctor U - online proctoring service 

The Education Society

Leadership and Learning Center

Grading, Recording, Reporting

Asylum Software: Markbook

Blackboard Engage

Flubaroo - a grading assistant


Standards-based Grading and Reporting - Thomas GUskey and Lee Ann Jung


Assessment Training Institute (ATI)

Leadership and Learning Center

Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership


Carnegie Mellon University, Performance Criteria

Edudemic 4 Teachers


Rubrics 4 Teachers

Rubrics from universities

Sample Tasks

Assessment for Learning Australia

Balanced Assessment Tasks

Center for Applied Linguistics

Exemplars: Standards Based Assessment

JMueller - tasks from all subject areas

Next Generation Science Tasks

Secondary Math Tasks

Samples of Student Work

Larry Ferlazzo-Teacher

Samples of PYP Assessments

Standards Based Reporting

Newspaper Article Explaining to Parents

Technology tools and platforms for assessment


Print Resources

Boudett, City, and Murnane; Data Wise by (2013)

 Chapman, Carolyn and King, Rita: Differentiated Assessment Strategies:One Tool Doesn't Fit All

Chappuis, Rick, Chappuis and Arter; Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right - Using It Well

Gardner, John;  Assessment and Learning

Hattie, John; Visible Learning : A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Acievement

Hattie, John and Yates, Gregory C.R.; Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn

James-Ward, Fisher, Frey, and Lapp; Using Data to Focus Instructional Improvement by  (2013)

McMillan, James H.;(preview version on Goggle Books) Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

Noyce, Pendred E.,Hickey, Damile T.

Perkins, David; Making Learning Whole

Popham, W. James;  Transformative Assessment

O'Connor, Ken;  Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grading

Shepard, Lorrie; New Frontiers in Formative Assessment

Sanzo, Karen L., Myran, Steve; Formative Assessment Leadership

Sousa, David A.; (2010); Mind, Brain, & Education: Neuroscience Implications for the Classroom

Tokuhama-Espinos, Tracey; (2011) Mind, Brain, and Education Science: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Brain ...

Vatterott, Cathy; (2015) Rethinking Grading: Meaningful Assessment for Standards-Based Learning; ASCD