Workshop Examples

For Principals and Other School Leaders

  • Five Practices of an Effective Principal
  • Building Effective Teams
  • New Directions in Teacher Evaluation
  • Creating a Results-Driven School
  • Building a Moral Development Program in your School

For Teachers

  • Assessing Student Learning: Classroom Techniques
  • Toward more Effective Instruction 
  • Applying Learning Principles in the Classroom
  • Reaching all Students: Differentiation in the Classroom
  • For teacher leaders - see our Teacher Leadership Institutes

Examples of work tailored to your school

  • Curriculum Development
  • Designing a Data-Driven School
  • Monitoring the Curriculum
  • Assessment Programs

For Governance (Boards and Owners)

  • High Leverage Strategies for International School Governance
  • Becoming an Effective Decision-Making Team
  • Board Basics: Institutional and Individual Member Practices
  • Customized 1-3 day strategic sessions