TTC/TLI Graduate Credit

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American style university graduate credit is available for TTC/TLI 5-day courses (3 credits per course) through Buffalo State - SUNY. The PTC does NOT offer graduate credit for TLI 2-day courses.

SUNY-Buffalo State

Masters of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies for Educators in American - International Schools


SUNY-Buffalo State offers The Master of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies is one of the 40 graduate programs offered by SUNY-Buffalo State. The program is designed for individuals with unique professional and educational objectives not readily met by traditional master’s degree programs. Numerous national as well as international educators enroll in this degree program. The TTC has partnered with SUNY Buffalo State to offer graduate credit that can be applicable toward your master’s degree program.  Please contact SUNY Buffalo State directly for more information regarding the degree program and to develop a plan of study. If you have not been formally accepted into the Multidisciplinary Master’s Degree program or as a Non-Degree seeking student, please go to the following link for admissions information: and this link to complete an online application: You must be approved by SUNY Buffalo before you begin the course.

TTC/TLI 5-Day Courses and their Approved SUNY - Buffalo State Equivalents (3 credits awarded per course)

TTC Course Number and Title SUNY - Buffalo State Equivalent
TTC/TLI 101 Empowering Students through Assessment SPF 611: Evaluation in Education
TTC/TLI 102 The Heart of the Teacher Leader Role: Curriculum EDU 670: Principles of Curriculum Design
TTC 103 Personalizing and Differentiating to Meet Student Needs CRS 585: Learning Styles Methods
TTC 104 Teaching EAL in the Mainstream ESL 613: ESL Content-Area Instruction
TTC 106 Inquiry Based Learning in the International Classroom SPF 665: Instructional Design and Assessment
TTC 107 Instructional Strategies that Work EDU 604: Instructional Strategies for More Effective Teaching
TTC/TLI 108 Leadership Tools for International School Teacher Leaders EDL 607: Site-Based Leadership
TTC 109 Skillful Teaching for Early Childhood Educators SPF 524: Trends in Early Childhood Education
TTC/CTC 110 Special Needs Learning in the International School EDU 577: Teaching Individuals with Exceptionalities in the Regular Classroom
TTC 111 Teaching Reading in the International School EDU 513: Survey of Basic Concepts of Elementary School Reading
TTC 112 Teaching and Learning with Technology EDT 601: Instructional Technologies
TTC 113 The Heart of Teaching: Beyond Content EDU 501: Seminar for the Reflective Teacher
TTC 114 The Learning Brain: From Research to Classroom Practice EDU 534: The Holistic Curriculum: Teaching Both Sides of the Brain
TTC 115 Facilitating a Blended and Online Classroom EDC 606: Internet for Educators
TTC/TLI 116 Supervision Tools for International School Teacher Leaders EDL 631: Supervision of Teaching
TTC/TLI 117 Coaching Skills for International School Teacher Leaders EDL 610: Methods of Adult Education
TTC 118 Problem, Project and Design-Based Teaching EDU 594: Problem, Project and Design-Based Teaching
TTC 119 Social and Emotional Teaching and Learning EDU 594 Social and Emotional T + L
EAL 101 Curriculum and Assessment for English Learners [Online] EDU 594: Curriculum and Assessment for English Learners
EAL 103 English Language, Linguistics, and Learning [Online] EDU 594: English Language, Linguistics, and Learning

Regional association conferences and workshops offered for credit by SUNY-Buffalo State through AASSA, AISA, CEESA, EARCOS, MAIS, NESA, and the Tri Association provide another opportunity to complete graduate coursework for the degree. Students are allowed to include up to six (6) of the required 30 graduate credit hours through conference and/or workshop courses. Courses offered through the Principals’ Training Center (PTC) and the Academy of International School Heads (AISH) also can be used as part of your degree program.

Numerous American/International schools host the same degree program on site throughout the school year over a two-three year period of time. Appropriate staff of the school determines a plan that best meets the needs of the host school educators. Courses offered through the Teachers’ Training Center (TTC) and Principals’ Training Center (PTC) can be used as part of the on site degree program.

The awarding of the Master of Science Degree does not provide Certification or Licensure although the courses offered are frequently applicable towards certification in most states. United States colleges/universities do not “grant” certification. Certification or Licensure is obtained through State Education Departments.

For more information regarding U.S. certification and/or licensure the following website is linked to state certification offices:

TTC fees are $450 per 3-credit course toward SUNY-Buffalo State credit and are payable to the PTC upon admissions to the SUNY - Buffalo State program, and signing up for course credit before arriving at the TTC Institutes.

Application for Admission

Application for Admission to Buffalo State SUNY, as well as all other necessary program forms are available at:

Transcript from SUNY-Buffalo State

Transcript information (courses completed and grades) is updated approximately four (4) weeks after the end of each semester. Official transcripts are not issued directly to students but are forwarded, upon request, to authorities that the student designates. Student copies may be ordered for personal use. Transcript request forms are available at:  or through the Registrar’s Office, Moot Hall 210, Buffalo State, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222. Transcripts from Buffalo State must be ordered through the Registrar’s Office.

SUNY-Buffalo State Contact Information

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  • Brandon Kawa, Associate Director     716-878-3188
  • Cathy Beecroft, Registration/Admissions Coordinator     716-878-3811
  • Nicole Calamunci, Admissions and Advisement Coordinator   716-878-6889

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