Social and Emotional Teaching and Learning - TTC 119

Imagine your current students 10 or 20 years from now, integrating into the fabric of society through formal ‘jobs’, family interactions and community activities. What competencies will be essential to their happiness, their ability to make a contribution and support themselves and their families?

Now think about right now – those learners in your classroom.  Turns out that the same social and emotional competencies that support us as adults also make learning more possible while still in school. 

The research is now compelling -  right alongside academic knowledge, social and emotional competencies are central to productive learning.  So, how do we best promote social and emotional learning in our classrooms?

This course focuses on what instructional practices best support fuller acquisition of social and emotional competencies for all students.  Through practical and interactive learning activities, participants in the course will address:

  1. In what ways do relationships impact student learning?

  2. What SEL instructional and assessment practices will best mitigate emotions to help my students learn?

  3. How do I best leverage the existing curriculum and classroom practices to advance social and emotional competencies for my students?

  4. In what ways can school-wide structures best support learner's acquisition of social and emotional competencies?

  5. What personal social and emotional competencies should I be developing as a teacher?

This course best supports teachers teaching in grades 1 through 12.

Web and print resources for this course.