Problem, Project and Design-Based Teaching - TTC 118

Watch a short overview of the what to expect in the course!

The verdict is in! Traditional instruction is inefficient and limited in terms of personalizing learning, promoting independence, and connecting all learners to the world beyond school. If you are looking for more contemporary and progressive approaches for your students, where success skills and rigorous content are addressed through collaborative, engaging learning, this course is for you. Join us as we explore a practical framework to enhance learning in your classroom and encourage students to design, create and think. Leave with a plan to incorporate authentic, contextual learning experiences which foster curiosity and provide your students with opportunities and skills to take action in their lives, communities, and world! During the course we will address the following essential questions:

  1. What are Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning, and Design Thinking and why should I incorporate these approaches into my international teaching practices?

  2. What are the keys to successful planning, implementation, and management of Problem, Project, and Design-based approaches to teaching?

  3. How can I ensure that my Problem, Project, and Design-based approaches are anchored to learning objectives and that students are learning rigorous content and required skills ?

  4. How can I foster deeper learning through authentic work that emphasize personalization, that connects to students’ lives and to the world beyond school, and offers access and challenge to all learners?

  5. How can I ensure that my Problem, Project, and Design-based approaches will continue to be successful once I leave this course?

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