Supervision Tools for International Teacher Leaders - TLI 116

Important note: Courses with the same title are the same content. The 5-day course is a deeper unpacking of the material.  To complete your certificate, do not take any two courses with the same title, regardless of the course length.

As international schools mature, collaborative and distributed leadership models are becoming far more common.  Many of these models expand the roles of department heads, grade or year level leaders, and other teacher leaders, to include instructional supervision, support and appraisal of teachers. At the PTC, we believe that this expanded role is vital for ensuring the continued support and growth of our international school teachers. With this in mind, we have created this course as part of our International Teacher Leader Certificate, and made it mandatory for all current or aspiring teacher leaders.

This course focuses on:
•    The research on what makes an effective teacher
•    What specifically to look for while observing a teacher
•    Strategies for recording the results of observation
•    The role of the teacher leader in contributing to teachers’ evaluation
•    Mechanisms for giving effective feedback
•    First steps in supervising through analysis of planning and assessment tools
•    Leadership skills and strategies to support teams and individuals through supervision practices

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At the PTC, we believe that a distributive leadership role, where teacher leaders have responsibilities to support school improvement initiatives, is vital. We believe that leadership always includes authority and evidence-based accountability, and that teacher leaders can play an important role in the schoolwide supervision process, as teacher leaders skilled in capturing evidence of effective teaching. Training to support this model of teacher leadership is reflected in our “Supervision Tools for International School Teacher Leaders” course. We also believe that teachers play an important role in supporting continuous professional growth through a coaching role, with individuals and with teams, through a collaborative goal-setting, and feedback approach. Training for this model of teacher leadership is reflected in our “Coaching Skills for International School Teacher Leaders” course. If you need more information to decide which course is best for you or your faculty, check out this chart.