Teaching and Learning with Technology - TTC 112

(formerly Technology in the International Classroom; Creating, Communicating & Collaborating with Technology)

Research indicates technology has its greatest impact on learning when students use digital tools to collaborate, communicate and create, key skills for our students futures.  International schools are well positioned to optimize the benefits of educational technology. Technology in the classroom needs to serve a clear purpose, allow for activities not possible without technology and support specified learning goals. Effective technology integration provides an opportunity to transform or build upon the learning that occurs without technology.

Participants will understand the requisite skills and attitudes of learners in the digital world and how technology can be used to support and develop these skills and attitudes.  The tools shared within the course will relate to assessment, collaboration and creativity.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • create sites that can be used for assessment, curriculum organization, unit planning and/or parent communication

  • create blogs to flip classroom instruction, support student reflection, facilitate parent communication, and allow for professional learning

  • use google apps to assess student learning, collaborate with others, present and share learning

  • use various multi-media tools to support the presentation and sharing of learning

By the end of the institute, teachers will have developed an integration plan for one or more of the tools into a current unit of study. In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.

Not sure whether to take TTC Teaching and Learning through Technology or TLI Digital Tools for International School Leaders?

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