Int’l Teachers: Special Needs in the Mainstream Classroom (TTC 110)

Kristen Pelletier and Jennifer Swinehart
Miami 25-29 June 2020

International schools often enroll students who need more support than the standard curriculum provides. Many international schools do not have the resources or the specialized personnel that national systems offer. As a result, international schools sometimes struggle with how to best meet the needs of diverse learners. This course is designed to help teachers address the needs of students with identified, or previously unidentified, learning needs.

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Identify and advocate for students and ideas that nurture inclusive learning environments

  • Build partnerships with parents to support their understanding of their child’s needs

  • Identify root causes of learning needs and match instructional practices to address them

  • Collaboratively approach interventions for students with colleagues and parents through analysis of data

  • Develop and implement methods for progress monitoring of learning needs

  • Develop a learning profile, and/ or an action plan for an individual or group of students.

*This course is eligible for the “Next Generation Inclusion” certificate in Inclusive Education. For more information visit: or contact Kristen Pelletier at

This course is suitable for certified teachers working in international schools.

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