Instructional Strategies that Work (Grades 3-12) - TTC 107

Which instructional strategies help students learn and how can they be most effectively implemented in the international classroom?  The best written curriculum will be ineffective unless accompanied by instruction that engages students, facilitates skill acquisition and leads to deep understanding.  Standards, benchmarks and quality assessments will not contribute to improved learning if the student is not an active participant in the interaction.
As experienced professionals, we use many of these instructional strategies automatically in the classroom.  This course is designed to provide additional approaches to our repertoires.  We'll explore the notion of which strategies provide the best prospect of preparing students for the 21st century based on the latest findings from about how we learn.
A continuum of approaches will be presented from teacher directed (where the teacher is in a prominent role for directing the learning of students) to independent strategies (designed to promote the development of the student as a self-directed learner).  A listing of research-based strategies will be provided for planning purposes and we will take full advantage of the experience of fellow participants.  Participants will transfer their understanding to their own teaching assignments, developing plans for utilization in their classroom with their curriculum.

Participants will address:

  • Strategies for accessing prior knowledge and preexisting understandings

  • Graphic organizers, note-taking and other techniques to help students acquire new information or skills

  • Effective homework practices

  • Methods for organizing knowledge into frameworks that will contribute to transfer

  • Checking for understanding techniques

  • Metacognitive approaches to help students take control of their own learning

  • Review strategies and other summary methods known to be best practice

In order to access course materials, participants are required to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability and appropriate adapters to this course.