Int’l Teachers: Personalizing Learning (TTC 103)

In the non-selective admissions environment of most international schools, effective teachers strive to personalize learning that meets the needs of diverse learners. Participants in this course will develop a framework for effective inclusive instruction by gaining practical experience applying the five major conceptual keys of personalized learning: (1) Knowing our students; (2) Knowing our curriculum; (3) Knowing our assessments; (4) Knowing our pedagogy; (5) Knowing our relationships.

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Teach students to better understand themselves as learners

  • Create informative pre-assessments based on intended learnings

  • Use pre-assessment data for unit planning

  • Plan learning activities which include choice and varied complexity

  • Use data to plan personalized and differentiated learning opportunities within units

  • Create a differentiated assessment to meet students’ needs

*This course is eligible for the “Next Generation Inclusion” certificate in Inclusive Education. For more information visit: or contact Kristen Pelletier at

This course is suitable for certified teachers working in international schools.

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