The Heart of the Teacher Leader Role: Curriculum - TTC / TLI 102

As teachers and teacher leaders in international schools, we often find ourselves in the position of developing curriculum or facilitating curriculum committees.  Given that international schools are typically not tied to a particular set of external curricula standards, it is important that teachers understand the essential elements of a quality curriculum.

This one-of-a-kind course will help teachers and team leaders hone skills in this vital area, which has now become central to the job of teaching in international schools.  Using actual units of study, case studies, and other practical curriculum tools, participants will develop skills in:

  • Analyzing the current state of curriculum in their school

  • Discovering the different types of curriculum models that are typically found in international schools

  • Determining the essential components of a curriculum that focuses on quality student learning

  • Discovering how the teaching and learning cycle relates to curriculum, assessment, and instruction

  • Utilizing the steps in developing a quality curriculum

  • Developing assessments that reflect student learning of the intended curriculum

  • Understanding factors that lead to sustainability of the written curriculum

  • Determining strategies for facilitating a curriculum development project in their school

  • Supporting teams and enhancing curriculum approaches as a teacher leader

This course is suitable for teachers, and practicing or aspiring grade level leaders and/or department heads.

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