Int’l Teachers: Curriculum and Assessment (TTC 101)

As teachers in international schools, we often find ourselves in the position of developing curriculum and assessments. It is important that teachers understand the essential elements of a quality curriculum and how to align assessments that empower students as agents of their own their learning.

Participants will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Write learning outcomes that will form the curriculum

  • Write each part of a unit plan or scheme of work

  • Use models of excellence to support student understanding of what “meeting standards” looks like

  • Develop classroom assessments and rubrics that exhibit characteristics of effective design

  • Align assessments with intended learnings from the curriculum

  • Provide feedback to students that supports a growth mindset

  • Develop practical methods of grading which support rather than inhibit learning

  • Identify and cultivate conditions for student learning

  • Implement core instructional strategies in the classroom

This course is suitable for certified teachers working in international schools.

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