Required Preparation for

Leadership Tools for International Teacher Leaders

Download the FULL version of the assignment including readings


  • Norms or essential agreements that your department/ grade level team has established for working together.

  • An agenda and set of minutes from a recent team or department meeting. (The agenda and minutes should be for the same meeting).

  • The job description (if you have one) for your teacher leadership role.

  • The schedule or rotation of meetings that you lead (if available).

  • A description of a change initiative that you think is needed at your current school or in your current team, to improve student learning. Describe what the change would include, why you think it is needed, and obstacles you think would affect the success of the initiative. You will be sharing this information with course participants. Be sure to remove names of both the school and faculty involved.


In advance of your arrival, please read: Teacher Leader Competencies, 2014  pages 1 – 14 (in PDF above)

  • Focus Question: The Teacher Leadership Competencies were created to identify, reflect, guide and inspire schools and teacher leaders at every stage of their leadership journey. As you read pages 1 – 14, please reflect on your current school’s stage in this journey. What are areas for growth and for celebration?


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Your course materials are digital. Hard copies of the materials will not be available on site.  Bring a laptop computer with appropriate adapters and wireless internet capability. Click here for more information about iPads and tablets. Chromebook users can use the free Kami extension to annotate.

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