Required Preparation for

Problem, Project and Design-Based Teaching

Rome: 9-13 July 2018

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This survey will be used for planning and grouping. Please complete it by 1 June.

  •  Complete the attached chart and be prepared to discuss on the first day of class.


Larmer, John & Mergendoller John (2015). Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements. Retrieved from:

  • Focus question: Gold Standard PBL is something we aspire to achieve in our project planning. Given your own understanding of PBL what components are you already embedding in your instruction? What is something new you want to try from this article?

Lahey, Jessica (2017). How Design Thinking Became a Buzzword at School. Retrieved from:

  • Focus question: Why do you think both empathy and failure are considered to be important components of Design Thinking?

Rothstein, Dan & Santana, Luz (2014). The Right Questions. Retrieved from:

  • Focus question: How might you use this technique with your students? What stumbling blocks, if any, do you think you might encounter when trying this approach in your classroom?


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