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Required Preparation for 

How To Be An Online Teacher

Miami: 26-30 June 2013

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Pre-assignment: In advance of your arrival, please read the following book. We will purchase a digital copy of this book for you and provide you with instructions on how to download:

Explore & Connect: Throughout our course, we will utilize a number of Web 2.0 applications to model online learning environments, share resources, discuss, collaborate, publish and experience the nature of the new technology landscape. In advance of the course, we require that you create accounts on the following sites and networs (if you are not already a member):


  • Laptop: many of the resources and activities throughout the week will require the use of a wireless-enabled laptop computer. Make and model is not important, as long as you are familiar with the machine and it can access the internet. If you are bringing a school laptop or one you are not familiar with, be sure to have the settings checked and be familiar with any passwords required to access wireless internet and to download software. Note: laptops are preferrable to iPads.
  • Have access to a school online learning environment or even an online class (Moodle, Blackboard, Google site, etc.) that you are currently facilitating, we will want you to actually create an online learning course during the session or work on a current online class you are facilitating, so it is critical that you can access and develop one, ideally in your school environment, if not then choose a medium of your choice.
  • Concerns & Challenges: identify three significant challenges/successes that your school has tackled in creating an online learning environment.

TC Connection: This is the online portal for everything related to your course. Become familiar with how to use it. You should have received an invitation to your class group. Refer to that email for more details.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

John Mikton and JJ Jacob