Teacher Leaders: Coaching and Supervising your Team (TLI 117)

Sarah Fleming and Matt Hajdun
Miami 1-5 July 2020

Instructor introduction to the course

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As international schools mature, collaborative and distributed leadership models are becoming far more necessary and common. Many of these more contemporary leadership models expand the roles of department heads, grade or year level leaders, and other teacher leaders beyond curriculum work to include the promotion of teacher growth through coaching, as well as evidence-based accountability through supervision.

While the conventional wisdom has been that these two essential roles are not easily compatible, the reality is that teacher leaders will find themselves managing and leading both.  Teacher leaders work far more closely with teachers and students than principals so are well-positioned to make significant contribution to both these facets. This course is designed to help teacher leaders learn the skills of both roles:  .

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  •  Collaboratively identify the need for growth with individual or team

  •  lead reflective processes to determine evidence of growth

  •  Identify effective instructional practices

  •  Collect meaningful evidence of

    • instructional strategies         

    • planning approaches

    • assessment tools

    • student learning

  • Use data to guide coaching and instructional decisions and promote growth

  • Identify and support the needs of team members as adult learners

  • Align instructional practices to teacher standards

  •  Provide descriptive feedback for both coaching and supervising

  •  Contribute to a school-wide appraisal process

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