Teacher Leaders: Leadership Tools (TLI 108)

Sue Easton
Rome 7-11 July 2020

Hear what our participants have to say about the course: Gonzuelo Tuesta, Celeste MacMillan

Many International schools have adopted a leadership organizational model that includes grade level team leaders, heads of department and middle leadership roles such as divisional curriculum coordinators, learning coaches, and divisional support services coordinators. Teacher leaders and middle leaders are critical to student learning and continuous improvement, yet we often fail to provide specific, practical training for the job to be well done. This course, the first of its kind in the international setting, is designed to help teacher leaders and middle leaders understand both the complexity and importance of their roles and to provide them with essential tools for effective leadership.

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Determine personal leadership style, strengths and areas for growth as a leader

  • Facilitate effective meetings based on a strategic agenda, a developed set of norms, a team goal, and a constant focus on student learning

  • Develop a plan for a team of teachers, based on data, to enhance learning for students

  • Develop and support collaborative, high impact and high functioning teams

  • Provide team members with the most up to date research about teaching and learning practices

  • Support individual members of the department, grade level team or other faculty members in dealing with change

This course is suitable for practicing or aspiring grade level leaders, coordinators, coaches and/or department heads.

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