Digital Tools for International Teacher Leaders (TLI103) - NEW!

Facilitator: TBA

There is nothing as predictable as change. We are surrounded by it in our personal and in our professional lives. As teacher leaders in international school settings, we need to constantly develop our capacity to engage with change, and mentor and lead teams to embrace and manage change too. The Digital Tools for International Teacher Leaders is a hands on course with activities, simulations, theory and case studies for teacher leaders to enhance their  leadership capacity, using their school’s strategic vision as their guide, and digital tools as their medium. Through shared experiences in class and online, participants will build digital leadership skills and strategies in a collaborative framework to create, produce, communicate, assess and think critically as responsible international school digital Teacher Leaders.

During the course we will address the following essential questions:

Overall Guiding Question
What are the inherent challenges in leading change and what digital tools and ecosystems should a teacher leader know or be able to integrate to be effective in these endeavors?

Essential Questions

  1. How should technology be used to support teacher leaders?
  2. How do the ethics and responsibilities of digital tools and ecosystems impact teachers and teacher leaders?
  3. What principles should guide teachers and teacher leaders for integrating technology into instruction?
  4. How do teacher leaders support, lead and monitor the effective integration of digital tools and ecosystems in the classroom?    
  5. How can teacher leaders support digital innovation in schools?

Not sure whether to take TTC Teaching and Learning through Technology or TLI Digital Tools for International School Leaders?