Teacher Leaders: Curriculum - the Heart of the Teacher Leader Role (TLI 102)

A school is most clearly defined by its curriculum - what students learn, how they will learn and how we will know whether they have learned. In the international school, where teachers, students and parents are in constant transition, clear, coherent curriculum is even more essential. This one-of-a-kind course will help teacher  leaders hone skills in developing, implementing, and monitoring the curriculum in their own practice and on their team. 

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Analyze the current state of curriculum in their school

  • Lead the process of writing learning outcomes that will form the curriculum in their department/on their team.

  • Provide guidance and advice on how to write each part of a unit plan or scheme of work.

  • Share the latest research on teaching and learning in their subject/grade level.

  • Lead and advise others on the process of aligning assessments with intended learnings from the curriculum.

  • Lead and advise others on the process of analyzing learning results, including classroom and common assessments and making decisions about what to do with the data, including how to modify the curriculum.

  • Lead the process of helping their team members establish a shared understanding of what “meeting standards” looks like.

  • Lead the process of defining and monitoring core instructional strategies for their department or grade level.

  • Develop strategies for facilitating a curriculum review in their school

This course is suitable for practicing or aspiring grade level leaders, coordinators, coaches and/or department heads.