Welcome to the NEW Teacher Leader Online Share Space!!!

This private online share space is designed for grade level leaders and department heads in PTC member schools to:

• Exchange ideas and best practice

• Support international colleagues in critical decisions

• Stimulate new thinking on leadership and student

Membership in the Teacher Leader Online Share Space entitles grade levels leaders and department heads at the member school to participate in the online shared community for the membership year.

User Guidelines

  1. The online share space is for members only. All members are able to view disussions and resources shared by other members.
  2. You can only login to the online share with the email address provoded to the PTC by your school administrator (where you received the notice that you were added to the group). (Helpful hints)
  3. To share a resource with the members, see here for the few easy steps.
  4. To start a disussion with your fellow teacher leaders(or comment on an existing discussion), click here to see the few easy steps.
  5. To unsubscribe or ask any questions, send an email to membership@theptc.org.

 User Protocols
 All users agree:

  1. To use the Teacher Leader Online Share Space as a confidential, collegial environment.
  2. The online share space will not be used to negatively comment on individuals, schools or organizations.
  3. There will be no selling of products or services of any kind.